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Standing Up

The Moment

Some weeks are fucking great. Everything goes your way.

So, your mind moves on and starts worrying about other things. 

Other days—or weeks—it’s impossible to keep your shit together in public. To pretend that you’re a normal, functioning human being.

In private, you despair, gnash your teeth at the unfairness, and beg for relief. Better times are on your mind.

Why? Because whether it’s good, bad, or indifferent, the present moment is fucking uncomfortable. Raw. Revealing.

Which is why your mind runs from the real world. 

Your ego lies about how life should be. A fantasy future where everything’s ‘perfect.’

But when you’re cycling, you’re fully engage with beauty. It’s just you, your bike, and the flow of the ever-changing present moment. 

Here, you can either choose to accept your shortcomings and improve, or deny them and stagnate.

Fear vs. Mindfulness


Instead, choose a mindful existence. 

Stand up, look your demons in the eye. But instead of flipping them the middle finger, give them a compassionate hug.

They’re scared, too.

Mindfulness is a prescription for finding truth. But only if you’re willing to step outside your stories, examine your assumptions, and compassionately wrestle with your ego.

There’s equally fertile soil among life’s good and ‘bad’ moments. 

And your life’s story depends on the seeds you choose to plant.

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