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When we let annoyances  

distract us, we lose 

our perspective 

for appreciating otherwise  

beautiful moments. 

“If only this fucking squeak would stop.”  

Then everything would be perfect.” 

But life is full of annoyances. 

Instead of pushing them away,  

why not respond with compassion? 

Sit with them. 

Compassionately hold them. 

Look deeper,  

figure out what they trigger in us  

that we want to avoid so badly. 

Pushing this away only leads to  

cycles of self-pity and stress. 

That which you resist, persists, right? 

But by bringing your awareness  

into the present moment,  

you can deal with it, and  

turn it into something funky.  

Something beautiful.  

Uniquely you. 

And then, move on to your next revolution,  

you badass, you.  

Life-changing empowerment!

Soon, so many things that 

used to annoy you will 

fade into the background of  

your life’s soundtrack. 

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