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Time Flies

On the bike, we’re awash in a sea of sensations.

It’s easy—necessary, perhaps—to remain mindful and watch each second unfold like slowly turning the page of a book.

Off the bike, though, the world makes it effortless to slip back into autopilot, where we look past the beauty of the present moment, always worrying about what’s already happened or might soon happen.

Whenever we find ourselves inside one of these mindless whirlwinds, we can take 10 seconds to pause and 1) imagine ourselves on the bike with the sun against our skin, 2) take a deep breath as we tilt our face to the sky, and 3) recognize that there’s so much untapped richness in the present moment.

Just like when we’re on the bike!

With practice, this process becomes reciprocal; automatic, like pedaling.

And once you start, there’s no telling how far you’ll ride!

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