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Mountains of Mindfulness

The mountains call
I have zero energy to haul
My fat ass up the incline.

White road, 
My progress slowed,
Reaping the seeds I sowed
Stuffing my face with calories.

Time off,
My ego scoffs,
Fiery blastoffs
You can’t tell me shit.

Still, there’s no way,
Pale, bloated, and gray
Will my body lay,
With this fat hanging from by bones.

Doesn’t come easy,
Taking charge makes us uneasy,
Because adulting sucks.

Good news, 
There’s no need for blues,
For you have nothing to lose,
By beginning your revolution.

You might say, 
Is in some way,
Your rebirth.

You are, 
at your core,
Awakening from your dream.

Now, stay
Mindful, it’s  your ego’s D-Day,
No longer shall it prey,
On your weaknesses and insecurities.

I see from new heights,
Photons bouncing through black night,
To warm my skin.

In my newly found station,
No more damnation,
For mindfulness has set me free.

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