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Between a Rock and a Hard Place

Getting stuck between a rock and a hard place doesn’t have to be a bad thing. Just maintain the right perspective!

I’ve learned that, like riding a bike, my perspective changes second-by-second.

Instead of demanding that im right, I’ve also experienced the power of mindfully holding my viewpoints and compassionately examining their curves.

Doing this helps me understand that my current perspective is a roiling soup of experiences, each one bubbling to the surface, opening to the world, and then merging back into the broth from whence it came.

In other words, my perspective isn’t me — despite the lies my ego whispers.

This realization is freeing, because it puts all the power in my hands!

I can control my perspective at any given moment, despite what’s happening around me. I can mindfully choose how to respond, before mindlessly reacting.

And most importantly, I can learn what the moment has to teach, and move on to my next revolution!

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