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“Glow,” says the sun.
“I cannot,” responds the shadow.
“Why not?” asked the sun.
“Where you are, I am not,” the shadow explained.
“And where I am, you are not.”

That made the sun sad.
The shadow noticed.
“It doesn’t mean we can’t shine together.”
“How so?” the sun wanted to know.

“We complement one another,” the shadow said.
“You bring warmth; I offer coolness.”
“You bring activity; I’m all about resting.”
“You light the way; I provide cover.”

“Although we are opposites, we cannot exist without each other,” the shadow continued.
“And together, we play important roles for every living thing.”
“Nothing sounds more important than that,” the sun responded.
“You’re right,” answered the shadow.

“Balance is the key to life, and we’re just the beginning.”

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