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An Orange Love Affair

With this bike, I’m giving my first attempt at going car-free a legit and earnest shot. I’m excited and inspired, so I thought I’d share a little ditty I wrote:

This bike,
Purposeful function.
Beauty, eyes beholder,
Carry weight, I can’t shoulder.

Long back,
Orange color.
Wheelbase, extensive,
Procrastination, expensive.

Touch wind.
Crisp, cold,
Soul, old.

Do this,
We shall.
Lofty morale,
Exiting the birth canal.

Emerge new,
Blinding lights.
Takes a bit,
To gain my wits.

Perception adjusts,
Perfect vision.
Sometimes always,
Bright sun rays.

Perfect bike,
Craggy life,
Straight arrow,
Shot, sparrow.

Falls dead,
Muddy ground.
No pain,
A million ways.

To fail,
At life,
Keep your head up,

Orange steed,
Takes me there,
No more cares,
A love affair.

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